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230 - Things That Are Bad for You

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October 18, 2016

Weird Medicine

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229 - Gout is Stupid

October 11, 2016

Ok, Lady Diagnosis is really, really bad at taking notes during the show. This is what she wrote: "cumbuckets, statue pee, flu vaccine, gout, and shit smells bad." Maybe it'll make sense after you listen to the episode!

228 - HP Vee Neck

October 5, 2016

Yes, we finally have a cancer vaccine, and new data shows it works better than they thought. Also a guy with adult acne. Probably more stuff, but Lady Diagnosis takes really sketchy notes.

227 - Tssss Rectum, Like You're Zooted or Somethin

September 28, 2016

Dr Steve and crew discuss Tourette's, Testicle Cysts, CBD and epilepsy, Lady Diagnosis' pin worms, resting heart rate, and more!

226 - Junk Medicine

September 20, 2016

Dr Steve, Dr Scott, and Magic Mike discuss knee-jerk medicine in the modern era. Also spirituality in medicine and suboxone to boot. amazon.doctorsteve.com

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