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210 - Catharsis

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May 24, 2016

Weird Medicine

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No Show This Week

May 17, 2016

With the untimely passing of our dear friend Gvac, we take a brief break until we can talk without breaking down constantly. Be back next week. Enclosed is a brief segment from Dr Steve's appearance on SiriusXM to discuss this tragic even

209 - Rebel Yell

May 12, 2016

Our new friend Rebel Lynn (@TheRebelLynn on twitter) talks about Fibromyalgia and Dr Steve discusses novel treatments. (This is the last show our friend Gvac was on. He will be so missed. More soon.)

208 - The Youn and the Restless

May 3, 2016

Dr Anthony Youn discusses plastic surgery and his book: "The Age Fix." Also PA John stuns everyone with his savant-like hip hop improv skillz.

207 - Diabetes: Cured

April 26, 2016

A guy who may have cured his own diabetes by doing something almost no one does. Robert Kelly recap. Why does Rich Vos dump on Dr Steve? Benadryl and dementia risk.

206 - Chi Bangs

April 19, 2016

Dr Steve and Dr Scott debate empiricism vs "just take this and shut up." New FDA cholesterol medicine indication withdrawal. Gluten sensitivity. Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain. Stuff like that.
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