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521 - Live from the Paint Department

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July 26, 2017

Video Game Outsiders

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420 is celebrating its independence from Canada

July 1, 2015

John and Michelle celebrate the birth of our nation with gaming news!

419 wants to play Batman Arkham Knight but not on a PC

June 24, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight PC backlash, Dirty Bomb, Skara The Blade Remains, Pokemon Rumble World, BFHL Criminal Activity, Cloudberry Kingdom, Witcher 3, Splatoon, News, and more!

418 is too mature for puppets.

June 17, 2015



June 10, 2015

Splatoon love/hate, Heroes of the Storm, Witcher 3, and more!

416 is a little girl.

June 3, 2015

Splatoon vs. Witcher 3: Round 1
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