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113: Shane Mauss has a good trip

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March 23, 2017

The Laugh Button

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112: Katie Goodman is halfway closer to death

March 9, 2017

Katie Goodman is a comical badass. She’s a Feminist and mother. She also spent a large chunk of her life in the theater, cranking out hundreds of productions, formed women’s comedy troupes, released comedy albums, written songs, teaches theater to children. She’s given keynote speeches and put on events to raise money for Planned Parenthood. See, a badass! As luck would have it, she sat down with Matt on International Women’s Day to talk about her latest comedy album, Halfway Closer To Death featuring songs with hilarious takes on many of these issues.

111: Seaton Smith takes on the world

March 2, 2017

Matt and Bram talk about something Colossal that happened this week with comedy festivals and then take on recent news of comedians behaving badly. Then comedian Seaton Smith joins us to discuss, well everything, getting passed at the Comedy Cellar, how to start a cult, politics, our President, his time on Mulaney, and his comedy heroes. We get into it!

110: Michael Palascak’s one thing

February 23, 2017

Matt and Bram breakdown the news of Louis C.K. and Netflix and the super wild notion that Joe Piscopo might run for public office in New Jersey. We then welcome comedian Michael Palascak onto the podcast. Mark first met Michael at Gilda’s Laughfest last March and he’s releasing his new comedy album, That One Thing which premiered exclusively on Audible and is now available to the rest of the world.

109: Ryan Beck chooses his own adventure

February 16, 2017

Matt is once again joined by Metal Insider’s Bram Teitelman to take the slow and sensual route to this week’s podcast but those plans are scrapped pretty damn quickly. We’re covering the big stories of the week including the Grammys (and maybe too much Beyonce), Rolling Stone’s top 50 comedians, Wayne’s World hitting a 25 year anniversary, and the enduring legacy of Beavis And Butt-head. We then welcome comedian Ryan Beck onto the show to talk about his career in comedy and keeping the eye on the prize.

108: Harrison Greenbaum is magical

February 9, 2017

The Laugh Button’s editor-in-chief Matt Kleinschmidt is once again joined by Metal Insider’s editor-in-chief, Bram Teitelman. Joining us this week is also, Brittany Brave from The Laugh Button who is also a UCB student and publicist living in NYC. The three of us break down the week in news and there’s a lot of it. From Conan’s joke theft lawsuit, Saturday Night Live’s breakout this weekend, and festival season kicking off. Comedian Harrison Greenbaum joins us for an interview about his career in comedy which began from his days at Harvard, writing for MAD Magazine, clown college, and magic. He also happens to be a big fan of playing Escape The Room.
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