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The New Studio

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August 30, 2015

Robert Kelly: You Know What Dude?

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Lunch with Lenny

August 23, 2015

This week on YKWD: The studio is being redone... Bobby's in Utah...All signs point to there not being a podcast this week. But, in the 11th hour, we are able to put together a killer lineup AND record it at the famed back table of the Comedy Cellar! Lenny Marcus leads the way as he talks with Harrison Greenbaum and Mark Normand about their stints on Last Comic Standing, letting girls down easy, the Fat Jew debacle, and more! Huge thanks to Lenny Marcus for hosting Guests Harrison Greenbaum and Mark Normand. Noam, Liz, Mike, and Murph from the Comedy Cellar

What's Your Worth

August 16, 2015

This week on YKWD The show becomes a party in this evening-time recording. Having done a recording earlier that day, the gang is dilerious, but pull together two hours of absolute fire. Sitting across from Bobby is Wil, who is enforcing the old Haitian custom "he who deserves the hanky chief, gets the hanky sheef" Scopo, out of nowhere knows who StarLords father is, and everyone is stunned. Comics Mike Brown and Mike Vecchione are here as well, proving there are too many People named Mike. Lastly we have Andrea Allan, who has a rather unique point of view when it comes to relationships with other comedians. PLUS Keith Robinson and Rich Vos show up out of nowhere and troll the show, old school style. This is a must watch/listen. Enjoy!

I Guarandeepu

August 9, 2015

This week on YKWD: Bobby, Scopo and Deepu welcome Joe List, Dan Soder, Jason Lawhead and Bobby's assistant Lauren. The gang opens up with critiquing the podcast descriptions like the one you are reading RIGHT NOW. Then it moves to women and their infatuation with penises. Finally, topics move to Rhonda Rousey and Does Deepu secretly hate Bobby? Listen/Watch and decide for yourself! RiotCast.com

Shades & Spice

August 2, 2015

Robert is joined by Big Jay Oakerson, Dante Nero, Joe List, Artist Buff Monster, Wayne Rada, Jason Chatfield, Chris Scopo and Deepu Gill. RiotCast.com

Raped a Parable

July 26, 2015

Robert is joined by Mark Normand, Wil Sylvince, Louie Katz, Rob Mallioux, Chris Scopo and Deepu Gill.
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