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Wiped on the Tent

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May 22, 2016

Robert Kelly: You Know What Dude?

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Comic Book Wedding Ring

May 15, 2016

This week on YKWD: We have Mike Lawrence, Mark Normand, and Jaye McBride! Scopo and Deepu switch posts! We talk about the comedy festivals, the DC comic universe, and why chat room started ragging on Rogan. Plus, we break down Larry Wilmore's monologue at the White House Correspondents Dinner as well as a recent set by Andrew Dice Clay on The Tonight Show. Watch / Listen and enjoy!


May 8, 2016

This week on YKWD: The Great Ari Shaffir is at the helm with guests Luis J Gomez, Nick Mullen, and Kurt Metzger! We celebrate New York City's recent decriminalization of public urination, tell stories about the times we committed infidelity, and watch a circumcision on YouTube! Watch / Listen and enjoy!  

Kennedy Skin

May 1, 2016

This week on YKWD: We have Sean Donnelly, Phil Hanley, Tim Dillon, and Omar Capra! Phil gets slammed for bragging about starring in a Canadian movie. We ask Omar about his time working at Sesame Street. And Scopo hosts the show while Bobby drops a deuce. 

Jumpin' Joe

April 24, 2016

This week on YKWD: We have Joe List, Luis J Gomez, Liza Treygar, and Chris Distefano! Luis gets screwed over by a booker in Westchester, Liza gives us the inside scoop from the set of Louie CK's independent show, "Horace and Pete", and List becomes a Comic Unleashed. Watch / Listen and enjoy! 


April 17, 2016

This week on YKWD: We have Wil Sylvince, James Mattern, Mike Vecchione, and Petey Debreu! We talk about a roast battle gone horribly wrong, Vecchione and Chris do "Dueling Scopo's", and we take a call in from Colin Quinn! Watch/Listen and enjoy!

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