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Show 258

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April 24, 2017

The Pete and Sebastian Show

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Show 221

May 27, 2016

Pete has small town problems and Sebastian reveals his shower technique, plus a round of Italian Take in this hilarious new episode!

Show 220 Bad News

May 20, 2016

Sebastian has some bad news besides going to an awful party. Pete gives an Amish update, plus the guys teach us how to talk to women in this hilarious new episode!

Show 219 Amish Friends

May 13, 2016

Pete and Sebastian Show Pro Unlimited 13,855 followers13.8K 221 tracks221 The guys play a new round of "Man-erios" and Pete has stories about the Amish changing his life in this hilarious new episode!

Show 218 Bieleber

May 6, 2016

Justin Bieber, Pearl Jam, waiter etiquette, bathroom etiquette, police stories, fireman stories, and just hilarious stories in this new episode!

Show 217 Meeting Prince

April 29, 2016

Sebastian tells of the time he me The Purple One! Pete has great stories and he tries not to curse while telling them in this hilarious new episode!
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