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Game Sevens Are All One Needs In Life. 10/29/14

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October 29, 2014

The Davey Mac Sports Program

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We Never Miss A Series Even In The Cooler! 10/22/14

October 22, 2014

The World Series, crazy shenanigans on FOX, Joe Buck, NFL weirdness, someone gets maimed on the show, mini-Watchers segment, animals who are dishonest, Ewoks, and MORE brilliance on this exceptional episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Fear The Reaper. 10/16/14

October 16, 2014

The Royals and Orioles and SF Giants and Cardinals, crazy people, Steve Perry, the Dead, NFL insanity, pets who want to kill their owners, and MORE splendidness on this phenomenal episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

We Are The Myth-Makers. 10/08/14

October 8, 2014

The MLB Playoffs are insane, insane people are insane as well, the NFL: insane, if you're reading this bizarre episode description you must realize that even our show summaries are insane also, plus Roger Goodell is terrible, Richard Sherman is pissed, people are going nuts over this Lunar Eclipse deal, and MORE splendidness on this miraculous episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

There Will Be Mud. 10/01/14

October 1, 2014

MLB Playoffs begin, Derek Jeter, comedian Paul Mercurio stops by, nonsense, smoking things, Umbros, looking at people while they're sleeping, and more awesome awesomeness on this awesome episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Sean-o Learns To Read!! 09/24/14

September 24, 2014

NFL Madness, Derek Jeter's final games, Dave poisoned Pepper, Johnny Football, maybe Dave didn't poison Pepper but can you imagine if that happened, bowling, golf, actually Dave really DID poison Pepper, Florida State silliness, Bud Selig, baseball, and more Dave did not poison Pepper goodness on this wonderful episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!
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